100% Whey Deluxe


The whey protein concentrate, 100% Whey Deluxe, is a concentrate where the first filtering process in the production of whey protein is ultrafiltration. The protein is filtered through a porous membrane, a process which separates the protein from the fat and the lactose.

Whey protein concentrate is generally classified as the most basic of the whey proteins though the concentration of protein can vary from 35% to 85%, therefore there is great difference in the quality of the various whey protein concentrates available. This depends on the magnitude of the filtration.

Our whey protein concentrate, WPC Instant, has an 80% concentrate by the company Carbery. This whey protein concentrate, although it is not the most pure protein, as it is processed, can offer a very high quality of protein in powder, with the presence of a few grams of fat and carbohydrate and will be perfectly suitable for medium and high level professional athletes.



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